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Implementing Geological Disposal

Radioactive Waste Disposal

The UK government has published a White Paper following a review of the siting process for a geological disposal facility for radioactive waste.

The Geological Society has issued a short statement on the White Paper.

Coral Reef

Climate Change Addendum

The Geological Society has issued an addendum to its 2010 Climate Change Statement.

Shale Gas

Shale Gas

Questions about the geology of shale gas? Useful resources from the Geological Society

Air pollution - smoke rising from plant tower

Carbon Capture and Storage Inquiry

The Society's joint response with the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain to the Energy and Climate Change Committee inquiry into Carbon Capture and Storage.

Policy & Media

Earth science will be at the heart of meeting the social and economic challenges of the 21st century.

As the national forum for the debate and development of cutting edge Earth science, the Geological Society has a special responsibility to communicate this science and its importance to society, to government, the media, other scientific communities and the general public.

None of this is possible without the engagement of our Fellows and the wider Earth science community – to get involved, contact


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