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Finance and Planning Committee


Dr Adam Law (Treasurer)

Council members

Mrs Tricia Henton
Prof Alan Lord
Dr Jonathan Turner

Other members

Dr Iain Bartholomew
Prof Andy Fleet
Dr Alan Roberts


Mr Edmund Nickless (Executive Secretary)
Mr Nic Bilham (Head of Strategy & External Relations)
Mr Neal Marriott (Director of Publishing, Library and Information Services)


  • To ensure the financial health of the Society, through:
    • maximising revenue generation and cost effectiveness, consistent with its charitable aims;
    • transparent accounting and financial reporting mechanisms;
    • effective financial planning and investment management.
  • To ensure that the Society sets and delivers an ambitious but achievable business plan in pursuit of its strategy.

Terms of reference

  • To set the annual budget timetable, and to work with staff and other committees to develop revenue and capital budgets.
  • To monitor performance against the budget throughout the year.
  • To oversee production of financial accounts shortly after the financial year end for approval by Council.
  • To ensure that all monies and investments held in the Society’s various Funds are properly managed.
  • To coordinate fundraising and sponsorship activities.
  • To work with staff and other committees to maintain and update a rolling three-year business plan for the delivery of the Society’s strategy, and to monitor progress against it.
  • To advise Council on other financial and business planning matters.




Other members

Foreign and External Affairs Secretary,
Professional Matters
Secretary, Publications Secretary,
Up to three recent members of Council

Staff members

Head of Strategy and External Relations (secretary),
Executive Secretary,
Head of Finance,
Director of Publishing, Library and Information Services

Officers serve throughout their terms of office. Former Councillors will usually serve for up to five years, and will be appointed on retirement from Council or within two years of this date.

Method of working

There will be at least four meetings of the Committee each year. Further business may be conducted by email.

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