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Renewal FAQs

These FAQs should answer any questions you might have about renewing your membership.

If you still need advice, or haven't received your renewal, please email Please quote your Fellowship number when you contact us.

How can I renew my Fellowship?

You will receive an email invoice from us with a secure online payment link. Simply click the link to pay, using all major payment options. Once you have paid you will receive a receipt by email.

If you have not received an email, or would like to make changes to your renewal, please contact

I moved overseas prior to September 2015, do I still need to tick the overseas check box?

As long as you have already notified the Fellowship department, please tick the overseas checkbox to continue with your renewal as the overseas rate will already have been applied.

Do I qualify for the overseas rate?

If you are aged 34–59 and you live/work outside UK/Europe you may apply for the discounted overseas rate of £152. Please contact the Fellowship Department if you pay by Direct Debit or wish to pay online. In other cases please amend the renewal invoice. Please note that other age rates already carry a discount and a further discount is not applicable.

Why is there now a £12.50 supplement to receive my journal(s) in print and online?

Journals are now online only by default, but there is an option to continue receipt of print copies on payment of a surcharge of £12.50. The Society is adopting an environmentally sensitive approach to journal circulation in line with other publishers and is moving towards 'online as standard'. Fellows who still wish to receive a print copy should contribute part of the cost towards doing so.

If I select to receive my journal(s) as online only now, can I change this to print and online at a later date?

If you change from online only to print and online after 1 January 2016, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide you with back issues. A supplement of £12.50 per journal will apply.

Will I be notified when a new issue of the journal I subscribe to is published in the Lyell Collection?

Fellows can sign up to receive emails alerting them to the publication of each new issue in the Lyell Collection by following the instructions on the online journal alerts page.

I have completed my Fellowship renewal, when will I receive my membership card?

You can view and print off a temporary membership card from the Fellows Area. This may be exchanged for a plastic membership card at your next visit to Burlington House.

I am an existing Direct Debit payee, if I make an amendment to my subscription how can I pay for this?

You will need to pay for any amendments by card. These amendments will be saved in your profile and will be incorporated into your Direct Debit payment for next year's renewal.

I pay by Direct Debit/continuous credit card authority, and my account/card details have changed since the last renewal OR I want to add/delete items so the total amount due will change. What should I do?

You need to contact our accounts office immediately at We start to collect automatic payments at the start of November so changes need to be made by then ideally. If you contact us later than this, the first instalment will be taken as shown on your renewal and we will need to adjust the remainder afterwards.

I don’t know if I am in the correct age bracket. How have you calculated my fees?

The price that you have been asked to pay for 2016 is worked out using your age on the 31 December 2015. Where we do not hold a date of birth, we automatically apply the 34 – 59 years old fee. If you think that we may not have your date of birth, or seem to have incorrect information, please add the correct details to the renewal notice by hand and send the appropriate payment instead. (The fee categories are shown on the back of the renewal notice.)

I am/have just retired. Is there a discount?

Fees are calculated on the basis of age so please check your renewal against the fee categories (on the back of the renewal notice) to see if the amount we've asked for is correct. The fee for those aged 60 - 64 is £130.00 and aged 65-69 is £99.00 the fee for those aged 70 or over is £68.00, whether or not they are still working.

I am not working / off sick / on a reduced income as I am raising a family, but want to maintain my Fellowship. Could I pay less this time?

We may be able to help - please complete this concession request form, email it back to the Fellowship Office, and we will get back to you. Please note that the Unemployed rate is only available to Fellows who have paid the full fee (ie the 34-59 bracket) for 5 years. 

I would like to pay the reduced fee for full time postgraduate students – how do I do this?

Just cross out the printed total and write in £41.00 if you are a PhD student, and £28.00 if you are an MSc student. Please add a note to tell us what you are studying for, where you are studying (including the department), and the date you expect to finish. Then send in the renewal notice and payment as usual.

I am a Candidate Fellow and thought that I had paid a one-off fee to last until I graduate, but I've been sent a bill for 2016.

It's possible that your database record has been set up incorrectly. Please email and confirm the date that your course ends, and that you have paid in advance. We will check and get back to you.

How should I notify you that I have recently moved house/changed my name?

Please notify us by making the changes to your renewal notice by hand and sending the sheet in with your payment, or you can change your details online here. We will update your details on our system.

My renewal asks for the Overseas Fellows’ rate but I am now resident in Europe again. What should I pay?

Please amend the printed total by hand to £198.00 (and add other items that you pay for if necessary) and return with your payment. 

I would like to resign - what do I do?

Add a note to your renewal reminder and post it back, or email us If your payment method is Direct Debit or continuous credit card authority, you should do this immediately so that we can stop your instalment(s) being collected.

Will I get a receipt?

For online payments you will receive a receipt by email after payment. For renewals sent by post or paid by direct debit, a receipt will be automatically sent to the email address attached to your Fellowship record, shortly after your payment is processed.

What is the deadline for renewing?

We strongly advise you to renew before the end of March 2016, as non-payers will not be sent their free journal after 31 March 2016. The final deadline for renewals is 30 June 2016, which means that everyone has just over 8 months in which to pay. Any Fellow who has not paid by this point is removed from Fellowship, in accordance with the Bye-laws.

How can I find out more about benefits of Fellowship, including access to the Lyell Collection?