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Geology Today

The Society has a share in Geology Today, which is published by Wiley-Blackwell.

Geology Today provides an essential read for all Earth Scientists - amateur and professional.
  • Articles and Features review topics of current interest in the Earth Sciences - written for the general reader by experts in the field.
  • News and Briefing columns report on news from the geological community, recent research that has appeared in the specialist journals, geological happenings and discoveries and geological conferences
  • Fossils Explained and Minerals Explained are two regular series looking at the origins, classification and identification of fossils and minerals.
  • Building Stones Explained is a new series introducing the most common stones used in the Industry.
  • A lively Correspondence section allows readers to air and share their views and to respond to items appearing in the journal.
Access Geology Today online.

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Non-members: please contact Wiley-Blackwell.