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Literature Searches

The Library’s Literature Search service uses a combination of specialist geological literature search databases and expert literature searchers to produce focused lists of reference material on behalf of Fellows and Corporate Affiliates.

The main geological databases used are GeoRef and Geofacets. These are supplemented by other databases as required.

Requests for literature searches by library staff should be submitted on the online request form. Results will be sent by e-mail, but paper printouts can be provided upon request. Charges are based on time taken and printout costs (if applicable).


Search time & delivery Cost
Up to 30 minutes
 £10.00 + VAT
30 - 60 minutes
 £20.00 + VAT
Printout of results
 20p per page + postage + VAT

There is no charge for Fellows and Corporate Affiliates searching these databases when visiting the Library. Non-members may use the GeoRef database when visiting the Library for an additional charge of £10 + VAT. Ask a member of Library staff to log you in. Results can be printed, e-mailed, or downloaded onto memory stick (available to purchase at the Library Enquiry Desk).

Items identified in search results can be provided by the Library on loan or Inter-Library loan. The Library can also provide photocopies or online access to many items.



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