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Apply for CGeol

Candidates must, via their Professional Report, supporting documentation and at their Professional Interview, prove their competence against each of the following Chartership criteria:
  1. Understanding of the complexities of geology and of geological processes in space and time in relation to your speciality.
    Demonstrate competence in: recognition and determination of basic geological processes in three and four dimensions, diagnosis of geological conditions, fundamentals of the Earth’s history, understanding of geological problems and their interpretation, creation and interpretation of geological maps and cross sections, compilation and testing of ground models.
  2. Critical evaluation if geoscience information to generate predictive models.
    Demonstrate competence in the acquisition, observation and description of geological data, appreciation of the limitations of and conditions under which the data were collected or how they arrived in their present state, and an assessment of certainty/uncertainty.
  3. Effective communication in writing and orally.
    Demonstrate competence through the material presented in the professional report and application supporting documents and the impact made at the interview.
  4. Competence in the management of Health and Safety and Environmental issues, and in the observance of all other statutory obligations applicable to your discipline or area of work.
  5. Clear understanding of the meaning and needs of professionalism including a clear understanding of the Code of Conduct and commitment to its implementation.
    Demonstrate understanding of the need to behave professionally and ethically in accordance with the Society’s Code of Conduct and fully understand the requirements of the Code.
  6. Commitment to Continuing Professional Development throughout your professional career.
    Demonstrate commitment to developing technical and professional skills for your work.
  7. Competence in your area of expertise.
    Demonstrate competence in your claimed areas of professional practice, appropriate to you level of seniority.

To Apply

To apply for Chartered status please download and complete the application form. To assist with your application please read the guidance note for chartership applications, the regulation R/FP/2 and any of the guidance notes below that are applicable to your specialism. All the documents are in PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader, available free from Adobe) and the application form must be printed out and posted to us.

Two sponsors, who have first-hand knowledge of your work and professional standing are required to support your application and confirm your eligibility. They must be professionally qualified with either CSci or CGeol. Other chartered qualifications may be accepted for one of the sponsors but this must be agreed in advance with the Society. Discuss your application with your sponsors and agree the area of Geology/Geoscience for which you wish your competence to be assessed.

The Letter to Sponsor and Sponsor Statement form should be sent to your two sponsors, complete with a copy of the Code of Conduct. They should complete the statement form and return it to you in a sealed envelope.

Select which Chartership interview day you wish to attend for your professional interview and contact the Fellowship Office to provisionally book your interview place. Completed application forms and all supporting documentation must then be received, in full by the Fellowship Office on or before the corresponding application deadline date.

2013/14 Chartership Interview Schedule

Date of Interview Location Application Deadline Election Date
17 January 2014
London 1 November 2013 5 February 2014
13 March 2014 Nottingham 6 January 2014 2 April 2014
22 May 2014 Manchester 3 March 2014 18 June 2014
9 September 2014 London 30 June 2014 24 September 2014
4 November 2014 Birmingham 1 September 2014 26 November 2014

Forms: Chartered Geologist (CGeol) 

The application forms and sponsor letter can also be downloaded below as a word document in RTF format.

Chartership Guidance notes

The Geological Society have developed guidance notes for some specialist areas of geoscience to assist chartership candidates in completing their application. These are currently available for:

Training Guide for Engineering Geologists

A guide, produced by the Society’s Engineering Group, is available to download below. It provides guidance for graduate earth scientists in the planning of their CPD and obtaining the necessary experience and knowledge to attain Chartership.

Application for Reinstatement of Chartered Geologist status

Please download complete and return the attached form if your Chartered status has been lapsed for less than 3 years

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Contact us

If you have a question about applying for validation as a Chartered Geologist or Chartered Scientist, please send us an email.

Working Abroad?

The Geological Society has agreed reciprocal arrangements with the American Association of Petroleum, the American Institute of Professional Geologists and the Institute of Geologists of Ireland under which we mutually recognise the equivalence of each other’s professional qualification.