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Elections 2016

The October issue of Geoscientist invited Fellows to nominate new members of Council to succeed those retiring at the Annual General Meeting on 8 June 2016. Seventeen nominations have been received for the seven places. 

It is important that Council is representative of the views and diversity of all the Fellowship so Fellows are urged to participate in this preliminary ballot which will determine the list for the formal vote at the Annual General Meeting to.

The process for the election of members of Council is set out at section 6 of the Geological Society Bye-laws and for the election of Officers at clause 9.2.  

Instructions for Balloting

Voting for the elections to Council 2015-2016 is now open. 

The elections will close on 31 March 2016.

Voting online

Fellows are encouraged to vote online. Vote for Council members using the button on the right. You will need to be logged in to vote.

Postal voting

A postal ballot paper and an envelope for its return are enclosed with this Geoscientist for those unable to vote online.  

Fellows should make their mark against the names of up to seven candidates they wish to serve as ordinary members of Council.  Papers with marks against more than seven names will be invalid.

The ballot paper should be placed in the envelope provided which should be sealed and returned to reach the Society no later than 31 March 2016.   Unless we are able to determine your eligibility to vote the envelope will not be opened and your vote will be invalid.  Consequently you are asked to write your FULL NAME IN CAPITALS clearly on the back of the envelope.  Please do not include any other communication whatsoever in the envelope.  

NOTE: Fellows may only vote once, either online or by returning the postal ballot

The Council elections are your opportunity to choose who should serve on Council to best represent the interests of all Fellows and to shape the future of the Society. 

Fellows are asked to make their choices having regard to the area of expertise of the continuing members of Council which are shown on the tables below. 

Biographies of members of Council are available at:

Continuing members of Council 2016-17




Mr Rick Brassington
Hydrogeology Industry
Mr Malcolm Brown
Petroleum Geology
Miss Liv Carroll
Mineral Exploration & Mining
Dr Nigel Cassidy
Geophysics Academe
Mr Chris Eccles Engineering Geology Industry
Dr Marie Edmonds  Igneous Petrology, Volcanology, Geochemistry Academe
Mr Graham Goffey
Petroleum Geology
Mrs Tricia Henton
Environmental Geology
Mr David Hopkins Extractive Industries Industry
Dr Jennifer McKinley
Geographical Information Science & Geostatistics
Prof David Norbury Engineering Geology Industry
Dr Colin North Sedimentology Academe
Professor Christine Peirce 
Marine Geophysics
Dr Katherine Royse
Environmental Geology
Mr Keith Seymour Hydrogeology Retired
Mr Michael Young Geophysics Retired

Member of Council retiring at the AGM on 8 June 2016




Mrs Natalyn Ala
Hydrogeology Industry
Dr Angela Coe
Sedimentology & Stratigraphy 
Mr Jim Coppard
Mineral Exploration
Mrs Jane Dottridge
Hydrogeology Industry
Mr David Jones
Hydrogeology Government
Professor David Manning
Mineralogy Academe
Dr Lucy Slater
Petroleum Geology/Gephysics