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Geoconservation Commission


The GeoConservation Commission aims to promote the conservation of our Earth heritage to ensure that we pass it on in good order to future generations for investigation, education and enjoyment. The key organisations involved in Earth heritage conservation in the UK are represented on the GeoConservation Commission, including both governmental and non-governmental organisations. The Commission operates under the auspices of the Geological Society of London.


Chairman: Malcolm Hart
Address: School of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Sciences, Drake Circus
Town/City: Plymouth
Postcode: PL4 8AA


Secretary: Mick Stanley
Address: Park House, 8 King Street
Town/City: Ripon
Postcode: HG4 1PJ


Members of the Commission

  • Colin Prosser (Natural England)
  • Neil Ellis (Joint Nature Conservation Committee)
  • Cynthia Burek (GeoconservationUK) formerly UKRIGS
  • Vacant awaiting name of A representative (Countryside Council for Wales)
  • Colin MacFadyen (Scottish Natural Heritage)
  • Keith Ambrose (British Geological Survey)
  • Susan Brown (Geologists' Association)
  • Murray Gray (British Society for Geomorphology)
  • Ian Enlander (Northern Ireland Environment Agency)
  • Tony Morgan (Geological Curators Group)
  • Richard Edmonds (Jurassic Coast)
  • Lucy Cordery (National Trust)
  • Bill Wimbledon (ProGeo)
  • Chris Cleal (British Institute for Geological Conservation)
  • Sebastian Payne (English Heritage)
  • Peter Doyle (English Stone Forum)
  • Patrick McKeever (European Geoparks)
  • Martyn Bradley (The Geology Trusts)
  • Andrew McMillan (Scottish Stone Liaison Group)

Andrew McMillan completed his term as Chairman and has retired from British Geological Survey, although he still represents the Scottish Stone Liaison Group. Stewart Campbell retired from CCW.