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Instructions for reviewers and publishers

For reviewers:

Titles available for review are advertised below. If you are a Fellow of the Society and would like to review one of them for us, please write to the Editor. You will be invited to keep the book in return for your efforts.

Geoscientist reviews are all 400 words long.

(Please note that titles advertised for review are not available from the Publishing House - unless otherwise stated.)

For publishers:

Geoscientist has a circulation of some 11,000 pcm, and is circulated exclusively to qualified professional Earth scientists worldwide, as well as Friends of the Society who are amateurs with an interest but no degree qualification in Earth sciences. If you want your book reviewed before this highly targeted readership, please send a review copy to:

Dr Ted Nield, Editor, Geoscientist, The Geological Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, LONDON W1J 0BG.

Books currently available for review by Fellows:

(Fellows of the Society only please!)

    • NEW! Seismic Reflections of Rock Properties. By Dvorkin, J., Gutierrez, M A & Grana D.  Cambridge UP.,324pp, hbk.
    • NEW! Geology of Gem Deposits (2nd edn.).  by Groat, Lee a (Ed.).  Mineralogical Ass. Canada, Short Course Series Vol 44. 405pp, sbk.
    • NEW! Stratigraphic landscape analysis, thermochronology and the episodic development of elevated, passive continental margins.  By Green, p. et al., Geological Survey of Denmark & Greenland Bull. 30.  2013 (sbk)
    • NEW! Antarctica and Supercontinent Evolution, by Harley S L et al (Eds). Published by The Geological Society SP 383 2013 237pp (hbk)
    • NEW! Isotopic Studies in Cretaceous Research, by Bojar A-v et al. (Eds) Published by The Geological Society 2013 SP 382 221pp (hbk)
    • NEW! Remote Sensing of Volcanoes and Volcanic Processes: Integration Observation & Modelling, by Pyle D M et al., (Eds).  Published by The Geological Society SP 380 2013 360pp (hbk)
    • Orogenic Andesites and Crustal Growth, by Gomez-Tuena A et al., (Eds) Published by The Geological Society SP 385 2014 414pp (hbk)
    • Thick Skin Dominated Orogens - from initial inversion to full accretion by Mencok, Mora & Cosgrove (eds)., 2013 Geological Society Special Publication 377 482pp (hbk)
    • Antarctic Palaeoenvironments & Earth-Surface Processes, by Hambrey M J et al. (eds), 2013 Geological Society Special Publication 381, 506pp (hbk)
    • Biological and Gelogical Perspectives on Dinoflagellates, by Lewis J M et al., (eds), 2013 Micropalaeontological Society Special Publications.  Geological Society Publishing House.  373pp (hbk)
    • The Wyley History of the Geologists' Association in the 50 Years 1958-2008 by Bernard Elgey Leake, Arthur Clive Bishop and Richard John Howarth.  Geologists' Ass. 2013 140pp sbk.
    • The Seismic Analysis Code - a primer and user's guide.  By George Helfrich et al. Cambridge University Press 2013 173pp sbk.
    • Life Beyond Earth: the search for habitable worlds in the universe by Athena Coustenis and Therese Encrenaz.  Cambridge University Press 2013 287pp hbk
    • Upstream petroleum – Fiscal and Valuation Modelling in Excel by Ken Kasriel and David Wood. Wiley Finance 2013 253pp hbk
    • Global Optimization Methods in Geophysical Inversion (2nd Ed) by Mrinal K Sen and Paul L Stoffa.  Cambridge University Press 2013 289pp hbk
    • Continuum Mechanics in the Earth Sciences by William I Newman Cambridge University Press