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Instructions for reviewers and publishers

For reviewers:

Titles available for review are advertised below. If you are a Fellow of the Society and would like to review one of them for us, please write to the Editor. You will be invited to keep the book in return for your efforts.

Geoscientist reviews are all 400 words long.

(Please note that titles advertised for review are not available from the Publishing House - unless otherwise stated.)

For publishers:

Geoscientist has a monthly circulation of c.12,000 copies, and is circulated exclusively to qualified professional Earth scientists worldwide, as well as Friends of the Society who are amateurs with an interest but no degree qualification in Earth sciences. If you want your book reviewed before this highly targeted readership, please send a review copy to:

Dr Ted Nield, Editor, Geoscientist, The Geological Society of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, LONDON W1J 0BG.

Books currently available for review by Fellows

(Fellows of the Society only please!)

  • NEW! A History of the Solar System by Claudio Vita-Finzi.  Springer Verlag 2016 100pp sbk
  • NEW! Dead Man's Gold by Mendus Harris.  A conspiracy thriller set in a fictional gold mine, drawing on the author's extensive experience as an exploration geologist.  Published by the author.  299pp, pbk. 
  • NEW! Geoheritage & Tourism -  a European Prespective by Thos. Hose (ed).  International Centre for Cultural and Heritage Studies, Newcastle University.  Boydell Press 334pp, hbk.
  • NEW! 52 things you should know about rock physics by Matt Hall and Evan Bianco 2016 Agile Libre133 pp sbk
  • NEW! Lake Bonneville - a scientific update edited by Oviatt and Shroder 2016 Elsevier, 659pp hbk
  • NEW! Field Guide to the Geology of NE Oman by Hoffman et al. 2016 Borntraeger Science Publishers 283pp sbk
  • NEW! Rocks - a very short introduction by Jan Zalasiewicz.  Oxford UP., 139pp sbk
  • NEW! Subsurface Flow and Imaging by Donald Wyman Vasco and Akhil Datta-Gupta 2016 Cambridge UP., 354pp, hbk
  • NEW! Source to Sink Fluxes in undisturbed Cold Environments, by Beylich et al., (eds) 2016 Cambridge UP., 4-8pp, hbk
  • NEW! Developments in Engineering Geology EGSP #27 by Eggers M J et al., Geological Society of London 253pp, hbk.
  • NEW! Strictly (Mining) Boardroom - a practitioner's guide for next-generation directors by Allan Trench and john Sykes 294pp, sbk
  • Storm, Nature and Culture by John Withington.  190 pp sbk
  • Magmatic Rifting and Active Volcanism by Wright et al. (eds.)  2016 Geol Soc Spec pub #420, 374pp, hbk
  • Quaternary Environmental Change in S. Africa - physical and human dimensions by Knight et al (eds).  2016 CUP 436pp (hbk)
  • Palaeomagnetism in fold and thrust belts - new perspectives Edited by Pueyo et al.  2016 Geological Society Special Publication #424. hbk
  • River-dominated shelf sediments of East Asian seas. Edited by Clift et al.  2016 Geological Society Special Publication #429. hbk
  • Ecological Climatology - concepts & Applications by Gordon Bonan (3rd Edn) 2016 CUP 692pp Hbk
  • Stochastic Analysts of Scaling Time Series - from turbulence theory to applications by Schmitt FG and Huang Y.  Cambridge UP 2016 204pp hbk
  • Volcanic Geology of Sao Miguel Island (Azores Archipelago) by Gaspar et al (Eds) Geological Society Memoir #44, 2015 hbk 309pp
  • Precession, Nutation and Wobble of the Earth by Dehant and Mathews 2015.  Cambridge University Press, 536pp, hbk.
  • From Somerset to the Pyrenees - in the steps of William Arthur Jones, Geologist and Antiquary  by David Rabson.  Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society 2015109pp, sbk.
  • Geodynamic Processes in the Andes of Central Chile and Argentina by Sepulveda et al. Geological Society Special Publication #399
  • Fundamental Controls on Fluid Flow in Carbonates by Agar et al., Geological Society Special Publication #406
  • The Use of Palaeomagnetism and Rock Magnetism to Understand Volcanic Processes by Ort et al. Geological Society of London Special Publication #396