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Meeting Categories

The Society runs a variety of meetings including:

Flagship Meetings

  • William Smith

This meeting is held annually on any branch of geological science.  The event runs over two days and incorporates the William Smith Lecture, which is open to all Fellows of the Society.

  • Lyell Meeting

The Lyell meeting is an annual flagship event for UK Palaeontology. The meeting is co-ordinated by the Joint Committee for Palaeontology (JCP), which consists of representatives from the Geological Society (GSL), Palaeontological Association (PalAss), Palaeontographical Society (PalSoc) and The Micropalaeontological Society (TMS).

Members of the four constituent societies wishing to propose a topic and convene this meeting are invited to submit an outline expression of interest to the JCP (

For further information about submitting a meeting proposal, please download the PDF meeting proposal form.

You can find out more about previous Lyell Meetings on the past meetings page.
  • Fermor Meeting

This event if held every two or three years and usually runs over two to three days.  The meeting can cover any aspect of geology relating to the Precambrian.

You can find out more about previous Fermor Meetings on the past meetings page. 

  • Arthur Holmes Meeting

This meeting is primarily a field event with or without a conference attached.  They are held on an ad hoc basis. 

Frontiers Meetings

These are one-day meetings focused on short presentations and discussions to explore developments in  emerging geoscience areas.

Specialist Group Meetings

The Society's Specialist Group organise a wide range of meetings, which do not require approval from the Science Committee and administration of these meetings are handled by the group.