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Teaching Resources

FieldCourse.JPG There are a wide variety of resources available for academic and support staff who teach or support learning in higher education. Most universities provide ‘educational development’ services and support; the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences (GEES) provides activities and services across the UK; and many other professional bodies and organisations offer resources and events internationally:

Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences (GEES)

The purpose of the GEES Subject Centre is to promote and support high quality learning and teaching across the three disciplines in UK higher education (including HE in FE). Based at the University of Plymouth, the GEES Subject Centre is a national and international hub for the exchange of knowledge on learning and teaching. It provides a voice for the discipline communities, contributing to government consultations and policy developments. The Centre has a UK-wide brief and this is reflected in the locations of its activities and events.

The Centre provides a wide variety of activities and services including:
  • Conferences;
  • Departmental workshops;
  • An annual New Lecturers' Workshop;
  • Project funding;
  • On-line Resource database;
  • Publications including the magazine ‘Planet’;
  • Support for the individual disciplines through the subject-based Senior Advisors;
  • And much more, including an enquiry service, email discussion list and newsletters.
Colleagues from the discipline communities (including academics, support staff and students) have opportunities to participate in the GEES Subject Centre’s work at a variety of levels. Participation in GEES Subject Centre activities may count towards the Geological Society’s CPD requirements.

All the above activities are inclusive of all three disciplines (geography, earth & environmental sciences). For up-to-date information, resources, events, publications and other activities specifically for Earth Science colleagues go to the Senior Advisors’ web pages at:

Professional Bodies, Subject Associations and Networks

Earth Science Learning & Teaching Events and Publications