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Geological Perspectives of Global Climate Change

Product Code: 528P
Series: AAPG Studies in Geology
Author/Editor: Edited by L C Gerhard, W E Harrison and B M Hanson
Publication Date: 01 January 2001
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AAPG Studies #47. Access a broad range of paleoclimatic studies. Current debates regarding potential man-induced modification of climate make this volume especially timely. Introductory sections address the major and minor physical controls, or drivers, that affect Earth's climate. Several chapters describe the naturally occurring range of variation of climatic conditions and illustrate past changes in global temperatures. Case studies show how ancient conditions are determined, as well as new techniques that have significant potential as proxies for assessing paleoclimates. Several chapters demonstrate the magnitude and length of duration of numerous temperature variations, which occurred during geologic time periods. (Also aailable in hardback (#528H).

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 0-89181-054-4
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-89181-054-4
Publisher: AAPG
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 372
Weight: 1.20 kg


Preface • Acknowledgments • Introduction and Overview, Lee C. Gerhard, William E. Harrison, and Bernold M. "Bruno" Hanson • Part I~VClimate Drivers • Chapter 1 - Solar Forcing of Earth's Climate, Alfred H. Pekarek • Chapter 2 - Distribution of Oceans and Continents: A Geological Constraint on Global Climate Variability, Lee C. Gerhard and William E. Harrison • Chapter 3 - Recent Past and Future of the Global Carbon Cycle, Fred T. Mackenzie, A. Lerman, and L. M. B. Ver • Chapter 4 - Are We Headed for a Thermohaline Catastrophe? Wallace S. Broecker • Part II~VMethods of Estimating Ancient Temperature • Chapter 5 - Stable Isotopes and their Relationship to Temperature as Recorded in Low-Latitude Ice Cores, Lonnie G. Thompson • Chapter 6 - Century-Scale Variation of Seafloor Temperatures Inferred From Offshore Borehole Geothermal Data, Seiichi Nagihara and Kelin Wang • Chapter 7 - Sclerosponges: Potential High-Resolution Recorders of Marine Paleotemperatures, Gary B. Hughes and Charles W. Thayer • Chapter 8 - Perspectives on Quaternary Beetles and Climate Change, Allan C. Ashworth • Chapter 9 - Using Fossil Leaves for the Reconstruction of Cenozoic Paleoatmospheric C02 Concentrations, Wolfram M. K?rschner, Friederike Wagner, David L. Dilcher, and Henk Visscher • Part III~VNatural Variability and Studies of Past Temperature Changes • Chapter 10 - Rate and Magnitude of Past Global Climate Changes, John P. Bluemle, Joseph M. Sable, and Wibj?rn Karl?n • Chapter 11 - The Search for Patterns in Ice-Core Temperature Curves, John C. Davis and Geoffrey C. Bohling • Chapter 12 - Sea-Level Changes in the Baltic Sea: Interrelation of Climatic and Geologic Processes, Jan Harff, Alexander Frischbutter, Reinhard Lampe, and Michael Meyer • Chapter 13 - Coral Reefs and Shoreline Dipsticks, E. A. Shinn • Part IV~VPolicy Drivers• Chapter 14 - Microbial Lime-Mud Production and Its Relation to Climate Change, K.K. Yates and L.L. Robbins • Chapter 15 - Geological Sequestration of Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide: Applicability and Current Issues, Stefan Bachu • Chapter 16 - Near-Term Climate Predictions Using Ice-Core Data from Greenland, Sergey R. Kotov • Chapter 17 - Carbon-Dioxide-Induced Global Warming: A Skeptic's View of Potential Climate Change, Sherwood B. Idso • Chapter 18 - Potential Impact and Effects of Climate Change, David A. L. Jenkins • Epilogue • Index 


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